About Us

Splittbacks is a functional garment that has a overlaying flaps in the back to allow more room when dressing. This is good news for fragile skin and hard to move joints. All our garments can be put on in any position, be it standing, sitting or lying down. This includes the Splittbacks pants range.

Splittbacks is entirely Australian made, owned and operated. The family run business started operations 25years ago. 

The Flap Back Trouser and the Split Back Night Shirt were part of the original range of clothing sold.

Its Your choice

Snaps, Velcro, Zips or Non of these?

Splittbacks is happy to accomoadate your choice in the type of fastners used to join the back of the garments. This is new to Splittbacks. As traditionally, Splittbacks has not had fastners on their garments.

Splittbacks will make the garments in the traditional way unless you state yor preferance at time of order. As garments needing to be returned to be exchanged for fasteners will have additional postage costs added on.

Who can use Splittbacks Clothing?

Anyone that requires their clothing to be put on and taken off easily can benefit from our clothing products. Those who have special conditions or may be immobile will find our clothing products easy to use and completely functional.

Colour and Sizing Information

Our clothing products come in a wide range of sizes, patterns and colours. All custom made her in Australia!

What are the sizes?

Our sizes correlate with the large department stores sizing.

X-Small - Size 8 - 10

Small - Size 10 - 12

Medium - 14 - 16

Large - 18 - 20

X-Large - 22 - 24

XX-Large - 26 - 28


Can I choose the colours?

All our garments come in a large range of colours for you to choose from. A list of the colours available can be found in the drop down box title "Colours" under the heading of product details. These colours form the over look of the garment. Pattern fabrics will be decided by Splittbacks and will be generally added the yoke (area at the top of the garments).