Flap Back Pants - Splittbacks Original

These Open backed Trouser were designed by Splittbacks 25 years ago. They are very popular for high care use in Nursing Homes.

And they are a non lift dressing trouser for the community carers!

Optional Catheter accessability, please call 0402917043

This is a unisex pant/trouser. Looks like a casual Pant at the front. However, the seat has been removed and Flaps overlap at the back for privacy and incontinence assistance 

SIZING: Splittbacks sizing matches with the sizing of the Australian department stores like Target and KMart and Lowes. Choose your sizing according to the size you would buy from these stores. 

Open backed

Sport stretch fabric polycotton options and woven cotton fabric available.

Industrial machine friendly for washing in Nursing Homes. 

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Flap Back Trouser

  • $55.00

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